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Tom Jones Net Worth: How Much the Legendary Singer Is Actually Worth

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Thomas John Woodward, professionally known as Tom Jones, is a Welsh singer and Tom Jones net worth has $300 million. For more than 50 years, Tom Jones has made a living in music, and he’s amassed a net worth due to his love for singing. Because Tom Jones’s investments are so wide-ranging, it’s difficult to determine his net worth, but it is reasonable to assume that he earns at least $25 million each year just from royalties alone. Tom Jones also owns several properties across the world with an estimated value of $250 million!

Tom Jones has won numerous accolades throughout his career, including a Grammy and a Brit Award! This year, Tom Jones released “Long Lost Suitcase,” an excellent album with solid reviews.

Early life

On June 7, 1940, Tom was born in Treforest Pontypridd, Wales, known by his stage name Tom Jones. His father was a coal miner named Tomas Woodward. His mother was Freda Jones. He is influenced by legendary blues and R&B artists such as Little Richard Solomon Burke, Elvis Presley, and others. 

He attended Wood Road Infant School and subsequently Wood Road Junior Schools. He was diagnosed with tuberculosis at 12 and spent nearly two years in a hospital survive. He never played sports or desired to do so. It was his singing ability that inspired him to enter the masses without fear.

Professional career

Tom Jones is a Welsh singer. His career started with a string of Top 10 hits in the early 1960s. He sold more than 100 million albums and 36 hits in the Top 40 in the UK and 19. Tommy Scott and the Senators was a band formed by Thomas Jones in Pontypridd. He became enthralled by his song and volunteered to come to London to sing it. 

His manager suggested he take the stage name of Thomas Jones, and he released his debut composition, Chills, and Fever. He followed the song “She’s a Lady,” which he dedicated to his late mother. It became apparent that people did not appreciate it because otherwise, they would have given him more honors for it. He discovered that his income was low. He’d previously signed an agreement with Interscope Records, after that returning after releasing his music single.

Tom Jones net worth & television career

Tom Jones made his television debut in a Variety Program called That’s Tom Jones that aired from 1969 to 1971. By 2010, he had sold around 40 million records and continued to market in 2013. It was the last album of Jones in 2012. However, he has stated earlier that he is releasing a highly anticipated debut album entitled Surrounded by Time in 2021. He is also more well-known for presenting BBC Voice UK, on which he was a judge and mentor.

Tom Jones Net Worth

Tom released his debut song Chills and Fever in 1964. His second single, which says it isn’t unusual,” became a worldwide hit, bringing Tom to the attention of the music world. In 1965, Tom met Elvis for the first time in Hollywood, after which he was nominated for a Grammy on the Best New Artist category. 


Tom has taken part in a lot of competitions throughout his career. The 1964 Grammy Award was his leading award. Tom also received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and a Brit award. For his efforts in music, he was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II. Er won the Brit Award and was made a knight by the British monarchy.

Tom Jones’s personal life

For 59 years, Sir Thomas John Woodward was married to Lady Melinda Rose Woodward, the childhood lover of his wife. He was with her side when she died in April 2016 after battling a fierce and brave cancer. Mark Woodward is Tom’s son, who was born in 1957. During Linda’s marriage, Linda stayed close to Tom even though a philanderer had several love affairs. She had agoraphobia, an anxiety disorder that made her afraid of going inside at retirement age. In 2015 he became a feminist target after stating that Linda was no longer as sparky as she used to be.

Following Linda’s death, it wasn’t long until Elvis Aaron Presley was linked to Priscilla Presley. In 2021, he confirmed that the two had known one another since the 1960s while dining out and attending Jeff Franklin’s home. After seeing them dine out together and socialize at Jeff Franklin’s house, some people believed they might be dating; however, there was no romantic aspect to their connection; they liked being together.

How much is his net worth?

According to, Tom Jones has a net worth of $250 million, with the bulk of his wealth coming from the 100 million recordings. He may also be earning money as Chief Judge on Tv and The Voice’s judge.

How did Tom Jones net worth achieve $300 million?

Tom Jones net worth is about $300 million. Following a string of top ten hits in the 1960s, Welsh artists rose to prominence. He’s also become a tv personality who has boosted his audience size. Unlike other musicians who go into hiding, Jones maintains his popularity and gains more followers from the younger generations by changing his musical style. 

Tom Jones is valued at approximately $300 million in the neighborhood. Click here to discover more about what occurred and how much money he had amassed.

Does he have kids?

Mark Woodward, the eldest of Tom and Melinda’s three children, was born in 1957. During his youth, Tom had several relationships with Melinda, one of which resulted in a child. In 1987, he met model Katherine Berkery during an American tour; it was then decided that he was Mark’s father. He continued to hold out hope for court rulings before accepting them in 2008. He has not seen his son Jonathan Berkery since being named after him by a United States judicial panel after his blood work.

Where does Tom Jones live?

After his wife and children died in 2016, Tom moved to Britain. He sold his luxury house for £6.5 million but currently resides in a flat in London. It’s official: I’m going to stay in the United Kingdom permanently since my wife died last year. According to reports, Sir Tom sold the home in LA for roughly £6million.

Is Tom Jones still with Priscilla Presley?

It’s impossible to know for sure whether or not Sir Tom had a relationship with Priscilla Presley, the widow of Elvis. In 2014 and 2015, Tom was pictured in public together twice, with no indication of any rumors about their supposed romance. We’ve been friends for so long; I’ve known her since 1965! He added: “I’m sorry for my ex-wife that it happened as it did.”

What cars does Tom Jones drive?

Mr. Jones drives a navy blue Bentley sports car. In several interviews, he’s stated that he owned a Continental GT, a navy blue Bentley sports vehicle. The Bentley Continental GT is a four-seat high-performance coupe that offers all of the features and aesthetics of the Bentley brand.

Tom has always been interested in automobiles, and he currently owns five different cars, all of which will be sold at later this year’s auctions – including a silver Rolls Royce Phantom Coupe worth over £75,000.

What is Tom Jones net worth?

Tom Jones net worth is 300 million dollars. Born in Wales, United Kingdom, Tom Jones‘s real name is Thomas John Woodward. He grew up in South Wales, and he worked as a plumber while playing music on the side before winning “Opportunity Knocks”, an amateur talent show that aired on British television. That led to more work on the British variety circuit, where his strong voice and good looks helped him build a following.

Tom’s first break came when he was asked to sing with the Beatles for “Top of The Pops”. This brought him some international notice and earned him his own TV show in 1969 called “This Is Tom Jones”. Since then, he’s released dozens of albums (most recently 2013’s Sex Bomb) and continues to perform worldwide. Tom Jone won a Grammy in 2006 for Best Traditional Pop Vocal Album, has been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and is known as “Jonesy” by his friends.

Tom Jones Net Worth

What was Tom Jones’ salary per year?

According to sources at, Tom Jones’s income can be estimated at 300 million dollars. His primary source of earnings were live concerts (approx $22 mil), endorsements ($5 mil), and acting jobs ($3 mil). In 2012 he signed a contract with Capital FM radio network worth £20Million over five years for presenting duties from January 2013. This brings our total estimate of Tom Jones net worth to $300 million.

What is Tom Jones’ age?

Tom Jones is 75 years old, according to biographers at He was born on June 7, 1940, in the Welsh town of Pontypridd and grew up with his parents and seven siblings. His father ran a movie theater where young Woodward would perform as part of the family band called “The Sontaran Swing Band” because his brother Gordon played tenor saxophone, which resembled a battle cruiser from Doctor Who. After leaving school and joining the RCAF, he started acting under his real name Tom Woodward before returning to South Wales and working as a plumber for several years before giving it all up for show business.

How much does Tom Jones get paid for The Voice UK?

The Voice UK is a British reality talent show that started airing on BBC One on January 7, 2012. The show features four famous musicians as coaches – Tom Jones, Jessie J, William, and Danny O’Donoghue of the band “the Script”.

Tom Jones: £1 – £10 million per series (2012-2015).

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