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An Exclusive: Levar Burton Net Worth Revealed

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What is Levar Burton net worth? We have all been wondering this question for a long time, and now we finally have the answer. In April of 2021, Celebrity Net Worth released its newest list of top-earning celebrities. On it was Levar Burton with a wealth of $50 million! This makes him one of the wealthiest actors in Hollywood today. Take a look at how he made his fortune and what other exciting things he’s done!

How is Levar Burton’s career connected to his money? We finally know many interesting facts, like he was on Mister Roger’s Neighborhood and Star Trek. He played Kunta Kinte in Roots! Also, the Colbert Report made fun of him for having an illegal cameo as himself on Reading Rainbow! Several very successful crowdfunding campaigns to bring back Reading Rainbow, which got in about 11 million dollars. This definitely helped bump up his bank account big time! As you can see, there has been a lot more than meets the eye with this very talented and hard-working man.

Levar Burton net worth

LeVar Burton is a child TV actor, producer, director, and television producer. He was worth $6 million at the time. Burton is recognized for his activism. He has served on the AIDS Research Alliance’s board of directors since 2000, and he has long been a proponent for educational opportunities for children. In addition to these causes, he has also worked in race-based racial equality and literacy among American youngsters and other groups. His current worth is $30 million.

Who is LeVar Burton?

Michael Burton was born in Germany on February 16, 1957. He is best recognized as the host of Reading Rainbow, an educational children’s series. Michael Burton has won two Daytime Emmys and a Peabody Award for his work on the show. In 1992, actor Elan Burton married makeup artist Stephanie Cozort, with whom he has three children: Michaella Jean Burton. Aside from being an enthusiastic actor, director, and guest star, Mr Burton also has a busy and giving background as an AIDS researcher and social justice advocate on the boards of several organizations. He is also a member of the board of directors for AIDS researchers and activists for racial equality.

Salary of LeVar Burton for hosting Jeopardy

The winner gets to choose a charity to receive part of the money. It’s hosted by the guest host, who is also paid for it. According to LeVar DiCaprio, the funds would be donated to Reading Is Fundamental, which eliminates poverty by encouraging literacy among all children. The cash will be given out to a nonprofit organization at the hosts’ request, according to this show’s YouTube clip. It’d be kind of strange if guest hosts had to pay, especially since Alex died in 2011. On CNN’s website, you can see all of the news stories highlighted by CNN.

Levar Burton Net Worth

When will LeVar Burton host Jeopardy?

July 26, 2021, will see LeVar Burton appear on The Jeopardy! show. For nearly a decade before his campaign, he lobbied for the show’s production. He retweeted 2013: “My greatest ambition?” about hashtag # evenkidding. In 2020, he tweeted: “I’ve spent my whole life preparing to sit on the Jeopardy! Host throne when Alex steps down.” In 2018, he wrote simply: “There’s just one game show I’m interested in…”

What is LeVar Burton’s personal life like?

LeVar Burton married Stephanie Cozart, a Hollywood makeup artist, in 1992. They have four children: Mica, Eian, and Micra. When LeVar found out he had a kid he didn’t know about, he filed for custody but requested $300 per month in child support. He is also a grandparent, as reported on his Instagram account on February 4 of this year. His wife is also a makeup artist who has worked with A-list actors such as Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling.

LeVar Burton’s career accomplishments

LeVar Burton was a sophomore in college when he got the part in “Roots.” In the film, he was still Kunta Kinte. Mr. Burton features on Star Trek: The Next Generation and Reads Rainbow and several other successful projects. He’s appeared in several box office hits, including “The Big Bang Theory,” where he stated that he wished he had done everything possible to avoid making the same mistake again.

How much did LeVar Burton make per episode of Star Trek?

LeVar Burton’s salary for the first year of Star Trek was $40,000 per episode. This figure can also be found on IMDb, which is a great way to find out what your favourite actors are earning today! Levar Burton quickly became one of the show’s most popular cast members. His character Geordi La Forge received his own action figure version in 1994 for an event at Paramount Studios called “Geordi Mania.”

What has Levar Burton done?

Before becoming famous as an actor and TV host, he worked with people who were blind through Lions World Services For The Blind Inc., where he helped provide orientation and mobility training. He volunteered with children’s literacy programs by books aloud to thousands of school children. He was also the first black man to host an educational show for young children, namely Reading Rainbow.

What is Levar Burton’s estimated net worth?

According to various sources online, LeVar Burton Net Worth has reached a total of $25 million thanks to his successful career as an actor and director! His final episode in Star Trek: The Next Generation earned him around $100k which would be about half a million dollars today if we consider inflation; this number doesn’t even include what he made from directing or producing other projects such as “The Big Bang Theory.”

Levar Burton currently makes between $50-75 thousand per episode on American Dad (he appears in six episodes each season). He’s also said that he won’t appear in any more seasons of The Big Bang Theory because he feels his character has run its course.

Who is LeVar Burton married to?

LeVar Burton has been married to Stephanie Cozart, a professional makeup artist, for over 25 years. They met in 1989 and dated until 1993 before getting married. His wife was responsible for Levar’s makeup when he appeared in Roots which is how the two originally got together!

How many children does he have?

The couple shares four children: Mica Burton (born May 30, 1994), Eian Burton (born November 20, 1996), Micra Dawn Burton (born January 18, 2003), and Dylan Matthew Burton, who was born on April 29, 2014.

How long has LeVar Burton been married?

Levar Burton and his wife Stephanie Cozart were married on August 28, 1992. They met in 1989 when she was doing makeup for a show called “Star Trek: The Next Generation,” where Levar played the part of Geordi La Forge. He proposed to her after four months of dating by writing it down on paper!

How long did LeVar Burton host Reading Rainbow?

Levar Burton hosted “Reading Rainbow” for 23 seasons, the longest-running children’s show on PBS. The show first aired in 1983 and last appeared on TV screens in 2006! Levar came back to host a Reading Rainbow web series after 26 years of being off-air due to budget cuts from PBS. As of September 2016, the channel has over 75 million views online!

Who played Geordi La Forge?

When he was told that his character would have an eye prosthesis that would be impossible to see out of, Levar Burton suggested that they shoot all close-up shots so only one side of his face could be seen at any given time during filming. This him develop great comic timing as an actor and director.

Who was Levar Burton’s Star Trek: The Next Generation co-star?

According to IMDb, LeVar Burton played alongside Whoopi Goldberg as Guinan on “Star Trek: The Next Generation” during the show’s first year before she had a falling out with some producers and left for season two. She returned after six years off the air!

What is Levar Burton doing now?

Levar has been extremely busy since his time on Star Trek back in 1987; he even landed another role which earned him an Emmy Award for Best Actor in 1994 called Kunta Kente (Kinte) in Alex Haley’s Roots – The Saga Of An American Family, where Levar played the lead role. He has also directed many popular shows such as “The Big Bang Theory” and currently hosts a web show called LeVar Burton Reads, where he reads short stories that are available to purchase on Amazon!

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