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Jerry Falwell Jr Net Worth: Motivational Speaker, Author & 4th President of Liberty University

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Jerry Falwell Jr. is the fourth president of Liberty University and a prominent backer of Donald Trump during his campaign. Jerry Falwell jr net worth is more than $100 million. He does not include Jerry’s personal assets such as his private jet, his house in Palm Beach, Florida, his expensive watches, or his wardrobe, which has helped him amass millions today. All assets are included in his net worth, including Jeremction.

Jerry Falwell, Jr. is the son of Jerry Falwell, a reverend who founded the Moral Majority in 1979, which aided Ronald Reagan’s 1980 presidential campaign. In his father’s footsteps, Jerry Falwell, Jr. served as Senior Pastor of Thomas Road Baptist Church until he died in 2007.

Jerry has also done motivational speaking, written books, and hosted television programs such as Hannity, The O’Reilly Factor, and Huckabee, to mention a few. When Jerry delivered his graduation address at Liberty University in 2016, he was given an honorary degree.

The early Life of Jerry Falwell Jr

The eldest son of Jerry Falwell Sr. and Macel Falwell, Jerry Falwell Jr. was born on June 17, 1962, in Lynchburg, Virginia. From 1980 to 1984, he attended private schools in the Lynchburg area, including Liberty Christian Academy (later renamed Liberty Christian Academy). Jerry received a Bachelor of Arts in history and religious studies. He then studied law at the University of Virginia School of Law, graduating in 1987 with a Juris Doctor degree.

Jerry Falwell Jr Career

Jerry Falwell Jr. had a successful career as a lawyer, former academic administrator, and distinguished member of the evangelical Christian community. He served as President of Liberty University for 13 years until 2020. In 2016, he was listed as the supporter of Donald Trump in the 2016 election for the Democratic party. With everything going very well, he had increased dramatically.

Jerry Falwell Jr Net Worth: Liberty University President

Jerry Falwell Jr. earned $1 million per year. Jerry Falwell Jr net worth is about USD 110 million. Jerry Falwell Jr is an American author and motivational speaker who presides over Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia.

Awards & Nominations

Falwell Jr was named to the Liberty University Board of Trustees in 2000. Falwell took over as President of the University in 2007, shortly after his father’s death. Falwell was one of 15 college presidents appointed to the Taskforce, including Trump and 15 other people, charged with reforming education departments throughout the United States. 

He is widely regarded as a devoted supporter who supported Mr. Trump during the 2016 US presidential election. Falwell compared Trump to Winston Churchill in August 2016. This comment has caused a stir, with many calling it outrageous. He called Trump the evangelicals’ ideal president in April 2016.

Personal life

Dr. Jerry Falwell is the husband of Becki Tilley and the father of three children. His son Jerry lives on a farm in Bedford, Virginia, and renounces commercial enterprises. In 2015, Terry filed a lawsuit against Giancarlo Granda, a pool attendant in Miami Beach, in an Orlando Hostel case. It was evident that Granda had some involvement in her affairs due to Jerry’s numerous claims. According to a 2019 White House announcement, Michael Cohen requested that Trump remove some of Trump’s photographs. Mr. Becki’s pictures sparked rumors that he had married in sexually provocative postures.

Jerry Falwell Jr Net Worth

Jerry Falwell Jr. yacht controversy

After posting an image of himself wearing his pants unzipped in a yacht celebration, evangelist Larry Faux was recently charged with several felonies. The photo sparked outrage among America’s American evangelical Christians. Mcvey: age, son wife second wife height, professional profile, and value $1.25 billion

Height Weight Wife, Kids Bio-Wiki

Jerry Falwell Jr. was president of the Liberty University of Lynchburg, Virginia where he took office in 2007 after his father died. He made the headlines in January 2016 in his acceptance speech for Donald Trump. Some Christian alumni and Liberty University alumni are concerned that Jerry Falwell has sold out his soul.

Jerry Falwell Jr. yacht contoversy

The evangelist came face to face after publishing a snap of himself naked and with the pants unzippered during a yacht party. The image angered Evangelical Church leaders in the United States. Richard Mcvey: age, marriage with wife.

How did Jerry Falwell Jr. earn his net worth?

Jerry Falwell, Sr., was pastor of Thomas Road Baptist Church in Lynchburg, Virginia, before becoming the president of Liberty University following his father’s death. He earned over $100 million during his six-year administration at the school. 

After posting an inflammatory photograph to an online Facebook group, he took two years off for life service. Falwell announced in May 2019 that his wife was engaged and was being blackmailed, a few weeks after which he filed a lawsuit against the university for damaging his reputation and retracting it two months later. He received a total of $10.5 million severance payment.

How much is Jerry Falwell Jr worth?

Jerry has built most of his wealth working at Liberty University. Because of his father’s immense wealth, he had a significant portion of his assets taken from him. He claims to have made an allegedly eye-popping $110 million through hard work and sacrifice.

What makes him so successful?

Following the retirement of Jerry Falwell, Sr., his son, Pastor Jerry Falwell, Jr., has made headlines. When he ran for president of the Trump Organization, he expressed his support for Donald Trump. He subsequently compared him to Winston Churchill and backed up the president in several television and radio interviews. 

Muslims’ homosexual lifestyle and homosexuality, in general, are two long-standing issues that he has targeted. Jerry Falwell, the founder of Liberty University and the father of televangelist Jerry Falwell, has attacked Islam, homosexual men, and gay people worldwide. In the 1990s, Mr. Falwell was condemned for his views on homosexuality and Muslims in general while President Trump took office.

Why is he so famous?

Jerry Falwell, Sr. was born on July 17, 1962, in Lynchburg, Virginia. He is the son of Jerry Jr. and Marcelle Falwell, a Southern Baptist pastor and televangelist. In May 2007, he succeeded his father as president of Freedom University at the age of 39. He shares a home with two younger siblings: Jonathan and Jeannie (the senior brothers). 

He was named the fourth president of Liberty University in 2008, becoming only the second African-American to head a Christian institution. Jerry has also worked as an attorney for both Liberty University and its affiliated companies in Virginia.

Did Falwell get an Offer for governmental positions?

Falwell said in November 2016 that President-elect Donald Trump had offered him the position of secretary of education, but that he had declined the offer owing to personal reasons and because he did not want to leave Liberty University for more than two years. 

In January 2017, Falwell said that President Trump had asked him to head a task force on educational reform at the United States Department of Education. Jerry Falwell confirmed to the Chronicle of Higher Education in June 2017 that he would be one of 15 college presidents taking part in the initiative. The group never got off the ground.

Did Becki Tilley have any relation with someone else?

A former student for Liberty said that he jumped into bed Becki. While the boy stayed in their apartment following a band practice with their youngest son, she performed oral sex. The incident took place at age 21 in 2008. Also, Giancarlo Granda went into detail, stating he did have a year-long relationship with Mrs. Becki Faulwell Jr. He reveals that he was 20 years old when the two met and have had relations since 2018. Giancarlo also added that Falwell and Jerry had long ties with each other.

Jerry Falwell Jr Net Worth

Is Jerry Falwell gay?

Jerry Falwell is straight on matters of sexuality. His wife is married to a lovely woman with whom they both relish in life alone. They have been married at least twice a year since 1987. Jerry isn’t a homosexual. No one does; he is bisexuals.

How old is Jerry Falwell Jr? 

Jerry Falwell Jr. is 57 years old (birthdate: February 25, 1962).

Who is Jerry Falwell Jr wife?

Falwell Jr. has stated that he met his wife while attending church with his family; evidently, she was the church pianist at the time. They were wedded in 1984 and had two adult children together.

Becki Tilley is a lovely woman who is the wife of Jerry Falwell Jr. They have been married at least twice a year since 1987. According to Cosmopolitan, she has been creating music for over 50 years and is the pastor of the Liberty University Gospel Choir. The couple resides in Lynchburg, Virginia.


In Virginia, Rev. Jerry Falwell Sr. is a well-known public figure. By 2121, Falwell was worth more than $110 million. He quickly rose to prominence among the majority of Virginians, as well as wealth and respect. Falwell serves as a lawyer and administrator at Liberty University in the United States while also representing it nationally as an attorney and administrator. Because of his role with IU, he would be worth more than 125 million dollars.

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