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Fetty Wap Net Worth: What is Fetty’s Actual Income?

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What is Fetty Wap net worth? That’s a big question that many people are asking. Fetty wap has amassed quite the fortune, but nobody seems to know how much he actually earns. The rapper himself has revealed his net-worth on Instagram, and it’s an impressive $8 million, but does that tell the whole story? No. His actual income is likely much higher than this because of endorsements and other sources of revenue. Read on for more information about Fetty wap net worth!

Fetty Wap Net Worth

What is Fetty’s actual wealth?

What are the sources of Fetty Waps Net Worth? One recent estimate pegged his annual earnings at $20 million. This number comes from 2015 when he performed 80 shows a year and raked in an estimated $100,000 per concert. He also has dealt with Monster headphones and Kodak, where he gets paid to endorse their products. All these endorsements add up! In addition to this, there were reports that Fetty wap earned over half a million dollars from music streaming sites like Spotify last year alone. That’s not including other revenue streams such as YouTube ad revenue or merchandising sales.

What are Fetty Wap net worth sources?

All these revenue streams contribute to Fetty’s overall Fetty Wap net worth. How much is the rapper actually earning every year, though? It’s hard to say for sure because there isn’t a lot of transparency when it comes to this kind of thing in the music industry. Some have estimated that he could be making as little as $20k per month or around $250k per year from his recording and streaming royalties alone – but many think it’s more likely he makes several hundred thousand dollars each month, which would put him at an annual income well over $700k!

Does Fetty Waps Net Worth Include Real Estate Investments?

He certainly has enough cash lying around to buy a house, but Fetty Wap net worth also includes real estate investments. His most famous investment is his $750k purchase of an iconic New Jersey mansion in Paterson – the same town where he grew up! The rapper has made several wise decisions with his money since hitting it big, and this was one of them.

Does Fetty Wap wealth include cars? 

Fetty Wap’s car collection would be impressive for anyone else, let alone someone who isn’t even 25 yet! He loves to show off on Instagram, too; take a look at some of his posts if you don’t believe us 🙂

What is Fetty’s house in Malaysia?

Fetty Wap has a home in Malaysia, among other countries across America. He only spends about two months a year or so in his Malaysian home, but still. Most people don’t even have homes in more than one country!

How did Fetty Wap get famous?

Fetty Wap started off posting music to Soundcloud when he was just 18 years old – that’s where the Monster headphones connection comes into play! He eventually met RGF Productions, who helped him land a deal with 300 Entertainment and Warner Bros Records. His career really took off after this point; it wasn’t long before everyone became obsessed with his infectious hit single “Trap Queen.”

Early Life of Fetty Wap

Fetty Wap is a rapper and singer known for his hit songs like “Trap Queen” and “679.” He has collaborated with stars such as Nicki Minaj, Drake, and 50 Cent. His parents split up when he was young; Fetty had to live in foster care until 13. Growing up, Fetty was interested in music but didn’t think it would ever go far because nobody from his family ever made it big before him!

What is Fetty Wap’s real income?

Fetty Wap Net Worth: $20 Million (per 2015) or Higher Status: Alive Age: 24 years old Years Active: 2013 to present Born in New Jersey, U.S., Fetty Wap began rapping when he was just a teenager and grew up in an area known for crime. He dropped out of school at age 17 after being convinced by his cousin that it would be better if they were self-taught rather than attending classes together because it could result in fewer distractions away from their studies. This proved effective as the two men have both.

Favorite Quotes from Fetty Wap

  • “I’m a city dude, and I like to get my money.” – Fetty Wap;
  • “You know what’s the best feeling in the world? When you’re making somebody else feel good. It doesn’t take much but it makes such a big difference at that moment when you can make someone happy or do something nice for them.”- Fetty Wap net worth (interview with FUSE);
  • “When we were younger, we always looked up to our parents and thought they knew everything because they were grown… But as time goes on, years go by fast: You start seeing things your friends are doing and all of sudden there has got to be more than this type of stuff around here.”- Fetty Wap net worth (interview with Complex)

Fetty Wap Personal Life

Fetty Wap is known to have dated Alexis Skyy, but recently it came out that he has a girlfriend and baby on the way! The woman’s name is Lezhae Zeona.

Fetty Wap Net Worth Conclusion

Fetty Waps net worth is still increasing as he continues to make more money from his music! Fetty is one of the most famous rappers in America right now, and many people wonder what Fetty Wap’s income really is. As you can see above, it could be anywhere between $20k – over half a million dollars per month, depending on how much revenue he makes from different sources. That gives him an annual income that would place him comfortably within the top 20 highest-paid musicians each year!

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