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David Bromstad net worth: 1 Billion Dollar Designs: The Booming Career of David Bromstad

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David Bromstad is a famous American painter and television personality. He has been on the renowned show Design Star for six seasons. The show features contestants who compete to create rooms in a house for a family. Each season’s winner gets their show on HGTV, where they get to work as the head designer on one room or living space per episode. David’s net worth is estimated at 1 billion dollars!

Professional Career

Bromstad studio is famous for building bedroom spaces that are filled with the magic of kid’s imaginations. He became very known in Hollywood after having won Design Star on HGTV. Bromstad established his own company called Bromstad Studio. He has built the latest set for furniture and accessories known as HSN shop in an entire HOME SHOPPING network. He tries to contribute frequently to his HGTV blog. He also recently built his furniture and accessories set-up and opened up at the HSN Shop on the entire Home Shopping Network. He is known primarily for hosting HGTV’s – a television program called The Color Splashed.

House, cars, and lifestyle.

David Bromstad owns a luxurious apartment in Miami. He is the co-owner of three vehicles a Chevy Silverado XL, a 96 Mustang G.T., and a 2004 Dodge Caravan. There are red vases all over the property, yellow wicker chairs, and black and white curtains. David led an overall reasonably comfortable lifestyle and attended numerous red-carpet events every year. He even has a substantial red glowing ‘opening’ sign in his home, which is thought to be the sign of life in the house. David is an accomplished designer and a television presenter famous for being a designer in Miami, Florida, with an extravagant lifestyle.

David Bromstad Net worth Salary.

David Bromstad is estimated to be worth $32million. The interior design director of HGTV makes very little money out of its current employment. Bromstad is also an actor in movies such as Behind the Magic: Disney Holidays and Ultimate Color Guide. The company’s pay remains unknown at the moment, but logic dictates it is significantly high. This actor also owned a home furniture line for collaboration with Home Shopping Network and T.V. personality David Bromstad. He brings the green as spokesperson and mentor to Mythic Paint and Miele Home Appliances approached him to be their ambassador.

David Bromstad Net Worth & Career

The founder of the Bromstad Studio created his own companies to build dream bedroom designs for children. After winning the first season of Design Star, he appeared in the first episode of the 2nd season. Bromstad has worked since the second year as a Mentor in Design Star. In addition to this, he began by introducing the HGTV show Beach Flip in its first season. Seven also hosts HGTV’s other series, My Lottery Dream Home and Beach Flap. Season 2, Season 3. Since Season 6, the actor has also appeared on the T.V. show.

David Bromstad Personal Life

David Bromstad publicly declared * in 2013. He has been married to Jeffrey Glasko since 2004. They remained together for more than ten years and decided in about 2013 not to move in together. David and Jeffrey met first time in an Orlando pub on Valentine’s Day. They met at a singles mixer’s meeting when the two of them were looking for potential boyfriends. As soon as he met Jeffrey, David found Jeffrey deeply in love, but he resisted the temptation of confessing his love.

David Bromstad net worth

Is David Bromstad gay and dating with boyfriend / partner Jeffrey Glazer

David Bromstad left his closet in 2012. He was dating Jeffrey Glasco, whom he met at a single party in a Bar in Firestone Orlando. The former actor posted about his relationship with his new friend in an Instagram image. He also appears to learn something. Since she could not find out about his latest acquaintance, even his earlier encounter, he did charge his partner in court, claiming that he felt emotionally distressed. Still, that lawsuit was never settled by him himself. Jeffrey explains why her relationship broke up due to her obsession with cocaine and alcohol.


David Bromstad began working professionally as a Disney illustrator after graduating. He tried for a reality show, Designer Star then moved to Miami Beach. Currently, three shows are available on HGTV: Beach Flip, Design Star, and My Lottery Dream Home. He also contributed a weekly blog on channel HGTV. He is also noted as a significant Miele brand enthusiast. He was also chosen to join Julianne Moore and Ricky Martin on the list of out’100 artists ‘. His first car earned him a slot on HGTV, which allowed him to host his show.

Early life

David Bromstad was born September 17, 1973, in Cokato in Minnesota, U.S. His father was originally from Norway, whereas his mom belongs in German and Swedish descent. From his childhood, David was fascinated by art and design. He was dreamed of becoming a Disney animator and started school at Wayzata High School in Minneapolis. Later on, he followed his passion for design and began studying at Ringling College in Sarasota, Florida. He teaches for the University of Florida, where he resides in Florida, USA.


Bromstad was born in Cokato City and bought up in Wright Country in Minnesota. The U.S. so started his early studies life at Wayzata High School. He pursued his degree from Ringling College & Design in Sarasota as he considered his career as an end goal to become a Disney animator. Soon after graduating, he began work as a Disney illustrator as the college from which he left was known as starting a career in regards and acknowledgements with Disney.

David Bromstad Biography & Early life

On August 17, 1973, David Bromstad was born in Cokato, USA. He has three elder siblings Dynelle Renee Dean Richard and Dyonne Rachael. David went to Wayzata High School to study art and design. David decided to be an illustrator for Disney during high school and afterwards went to Florida to Ringling College of Art and Design. David had a fascination for art and design during his childhood. His father is an American citizen.

Dating, Girlfriends, Wife, and Kids:

David had always kept his personal life private and limited with him and his concerns. Later he confirmed that relationship with his boyfriend, Jeffrey Glasco. For a week, he admitted he’d been together seven years, and he’s finally leaving. His ex-boyfriend said that he had to be due to David’s addiction whom Jeffrey had filed a legal complaint. His sexuality has always drawn critics, but he’s open about it everywhere.


After winning Design Stars, he became famous after choosing architecture as a career option. It is arguable that most critical transition in his work career. He is also noted for his excellence in drawing studios and his work as an animator. He was awarded numerous honours but best known in the industry for his work as a design expert. He received many accolades and came to me.

Is David Bromstad gay?

David was known for his eight years of relation to his boyfriend Jeffrey Glasko. As David is gay it clearly specifies and clarifies that he is himself gay.

How tall is David Bromstad?

David Bromstad is an impressive person. He is 6′ 1.1″ tall, which also translates to about 180 cm. David also weighed 77 kilograms and maintained a perfectly shaped body.

Social media activities

David Bromstad has 126,000 followers on his Instagram account. He also promotes his reality show from his Twitter page. His Facebook page also has 488,000 followers. Davids’s website suggests he is an artist and designer. He is a massive fan of tattoos and Instagram. A picture of him in a t-shirt show off various tattoos. This platform will also benefit from David’s show promotion.

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